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With near endless shopping options and millions of players populating Zwinktopia there is always something to do.This never ending potential of activities to engage in has seen Zwinky become one of the most popular in a tough genre.It has a definite is the first release from Sentient Play, a relatively new studio founded by Brad Becker, the former chief design officer working on IBM’s Watson. "Originally this chat game platform grew out of my desire to be able to more quickly prototype AIs and get people to interact with them for testing," he says."Although this is fiction entertainment, it is based on a lot of the very specific realities about AI that I experienced firsthand working on Watson." Modern games like had the same basic idea 40 years ago.The games like Zwinky that you’ll find on this page let you do similar things to what the Zwinky universe has to offer.In these games you will get to recreate yourself in avatar form, make long lasting friendships and shop in all sorts of fun stores for your next piece of clothing.You’re asked to hack it for information, only to discover that the computer is powered by an experimental Soviet AI.

The concept still has a ways to go before people start doing the majority of their banking or trip planning in Facebook Messenger, but the often silly nature of bots means that they’re potentially well-suited to gaming.

This week, two new releases test this theory, putting a chatty AI bot at the heart of the experience.

, available now on i OS, the story unravels as you talk to a Cold War-era computer that’s been dormant since the mid-1980s.

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Join Neo Cleo on her journey from dusty desert queen of empires past to glitzy glammed out celebutaunt of the moment!


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