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Most services also encourage members to add photos or videos to their profile.Once a profile has been created, members can view the profiles of other members of the service, using the visible profile information to decide whether or not to initiate contact.Microsoft researcher Troy Hunt, who maintains a searchable database where concerned users can check if their data has been exposed called as a stunt in 2011, and while his own photo was rejected, two others—an unknown pretty woman he named “Harper Lee” and a photo of actor Ryan Reynolds, whom Nguyen named “Ryan R.,”—were accepted.He found that the site’s emphasis on attributes, rather than interests, was a bit stifling as a place to find a partner: “I could hypothetically search for a 21-year-old, 112 lbs., 5’7” girl who owns a house in Omaha, but not search for someone who was interested in rock climbing,” he wrote.

Teens often think some behaviors, like teasing and name calling, are a “normal” part of a relationship.Most services offer digital messaging, while others provide additional services such as webcasts, online chat, telephone chat (VOIP), and message boards.Members can constrain their interactions to the online space, or they can arrange a date to meet in person.The 2013 national Youth Risk Behavior Survey found approximately 10% of high school students reported physical victimization and 10% reported sexual victimization from a dating partner in the 12 months* before they were surveyed. All too often these examples suggest that violence in a relationship is normal, but violence is never acceptable. Though the hack is believed to have occurred in November, it’s only now that its scope has been confirmed.The protocols and practices of dating, and the terms used to describe it, vary considerably from country to country and over time.


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