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PS3: The Golddigger: I aint saying she's a golddigger but she aint playing with no broke.... She's all talk and will clean out your wallet before you get to make the beast with two backs. Q: What is the difference between a PS4 and a whore? X360: A Cheap Whore - she's aint the prettiest thing but she'll let you get nasty and play with her goodies without waiting 3 dates.

My 12-year-old son has an Xbox 360, and trust that I’ve been told by other “Internet safety experts” that limiting my son from playing with others “takes the fun out of it”. The reason I’m writing this article, however, is to generate awareness around the fact that cyberbullying runs rampant on online gaming services like Xbox Live.I then upped the access control to that of teens for many things as below that was to restrictive and did not allow them the sort of access they need to have, with parental oversight and guidance, to learn about games and safety online.Having played Battlefield 4 online myself with the voice comms with other players turned off there was only really a fun game of soldiers. Now I believe that my 7 year old son is more than capable of enjoying that game in that mode, especially if I am in the room with him.First let me say that, just as I am not OK with it offline, I am not okay with the idea of my children talking to strangers online.But that’s exactly what happens in online gaming services like Xbox Live and Playstation Network. A: Don't put your contact info on the Playstation Network!


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