Updating cellphones

An older example: The battery-life problems with the i Phone 3G, which were addressed by Apple via a software update within days of the phone hitting the market.

However, software updates aren't only to remedy problems.

Updating a Verizon cellphone can significantly improve cellular connections and roaming capabilities.

You can experience fewer dropped calls, better service and more bars. When prompted, press 2 to update your roaming capabilities.

If i Tunes tells you that a more recent version of the application is available, download it.

Accept all prompts necessary to install the updated software.

Some software updates are patches to address problems.

Updating your Verizon cellphone can be done quickly and easily.

Verizon Wireless updates its towers and cell service continuously, but that doesn't mean your phone automatically gets updated.

“These trendsetters are key to make any product popular.”However, cell phone use hadn’t spread to the general public yet.“They were primarily used in the sales and business world, but not often for personal use like you see today,” says Kreg Jones, an industrial designer and Industrial Design instructor at The Art Institute of Philadelphia.

Though the Dyna Tac and subsequent models were smaller, mobile, and ultimately cooler, they still had their faults.


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