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We don’t need the current investigation into the phone conversations between PM Netanyahu and editor of Israel’s most sold daily newspaper, Yediot Aharonot, to know that Yediot is not printing real news.

And that the most popular free newspaper in […] Read More As ‘expected,’ the biometric identity card trial was ‘successful’ and now Minister of Interior Aryeh Deri has announced that Israel will require all of its citizens to register for a biometric ID card.

I hear the cries of all the Temple Mountaphobes sitting behind the public broadcast microphones and in the name of the […] Read More This week, the Prime Minister and Defense Minister boasted that the wave of stabbing terror plaguing Israel has dissipated.

They attributed the lull to the hard work of Israel’s defense forces. The Prime Minister, the […] Read More Should the State of Israel legalize gambling?

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But since the assassination attempt on Rabbi Yehudah Glick a year ago, PM Netanyah, taking his directive from the Muslim wakf, has prohibited me from visiting […] Read More As long as Netanyahu is Prime Minister, the legal residency status of the Arab terrorists from the eastern neighborhoods in Jerusalem will not be nullified. It is irrelevant to […] Read More And they shall make Me a sanctuary so that I will dwell among them.

In […] Read More On Monday night this week, Daniel Haiken, a young resident of Nesher, was murdered. On Monday night, he returned from a delivery straight into an armed robbery in the pizzeria. True, the radical leftist Ha’aretz newspaper explicitly fantasizes about a coup.

And until just a short while ago we had a Defense Minister who echoed the Ha’aretz stand and called upon IDF officers to publicly express their disagreement […] Read More I really envy the sweet Jewish couple who married last week in a surreptitious ceremony on the Temple Mount.

But at least they should be familiar with the glorious history and culture that informs who they are today. Our problems with the Arabs are a reflection of the problems between the Jews.

The Left is fanatically anxious to ‘solve’ the Arab problem so that they will stop reminding them that they are Jews.


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