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MESH sees the value in coalition and collective form.We are educators, artists, collaborators, performers, friends, lovers – but most of all we are dedicated to the potential for growth and change in Maine's ethics and understanding of sexual identity and practice.

When I moved to Portland last February, I was convinced that was all about to change. (Is it my fault burritos are so much easier to talk to?As an industry leader, we at Lyons Agency for Insurance represent various local and nationwide insurance carriers, enabling our expert agents to effectively compare rates and coverage to ensure our clients receive the quality Maine insurance protection they deserve.We strive to match you with the most comprehensive insurance package that caters to your unique lifestyle.Just north of city limits, the suburb of Falmouth offers a 45-mile network of forested, mostly singletrack trails protected by a local land trust."You can stay pretty close to town but still be out in the woods, and ride for hours," says Matt Robbins, an ad agency production manager.This would be the time and place in my life when I could date freely and successfully. ) Now I find myself back at the crux of perpetual singledom.


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    For the first two years, I just assumed I had suddenly gotten ugly and stupid.

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    Jean Bonet (1844–1907), of the Institut national des langues et civilisations orientales, Paris, translated the Gospel of Luke from French to Vietnamese in 1890 for the Protestant Convention in Paris.

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    But I finished the year pretty much single, and I made a lot of mistakes.