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Among them were two Joshua Harris books about dating and courtship.

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What prompted you to write I Kissed Dating Goodbye? But for now, there are seven children circled around the broad oak table in the kitchen.She was four, with dark mischievous eyes and curly pigtails, which she would pull out the first chance she got. Finally Jessie, fourteen, with a tangle of curly hair and freckles sprinkled lightly across her nose. While we were getting dressed I had asked her who she was putting it on for. Behind her, taped to the wall, are laminated pieces of paper. A large wooden spoon with the words, “Whoever spares the rod hates their children, but the one who loves their children is careful to discipline them,” written in my mother’s careful handwriting on the bowl. Every day our first and last lesson came from the Bible.But the reality is that the impact of his work is not his to decide.This week, we’re inviting you to share your stories—uncut and uncensored.I remember my youth pastor saying how he hadn't kissed his wife until he got engaged, and I just laughed at that: "Oh my goodness. I had wasted two years of my life—in terms of time, emotional investment, and energy. I realized I had promised my former girlfriend a lot of things—and I hurt her because I was the one who broke off the relationship.


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